Tuesday, December 7, 2010

‘Happy Talk---Talk About the Things You Like to Do?’ From your own Little Miss Chatterbox

Do you remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s books? Some of the characters from the show and books were Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Grumble, Little Miss Naughty, and Mr. Perfect.
I always loved the cartoon characters and the zany way they were portrayed. Everyone had a distinct personality and the neighbors knew how to curtail their involvement and side-step situations. Maybe we could take a ‘page’ from the past!
Images from Wikimedia Commons

Has this been engrained in our psyche since we were little children that our personality is one-note? What about having a card that we can hang around our neck depending on our moods? Black dot, stay away, yellow, come near but cautiously, green, jealously rearing its prideful head or blue, sad and I need a hug.
We have to wear nametags why not mood icons, wouldn’t that be more effective?

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