Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot Tub Time Machine: What Would You Do?

Hot Tub Time Machine-Wikimedia Commons

After watching the 2010 movie, I started to question what would I do if I had the power to go back. If I decided to go, when would I go back to and what would be the outcome? Would I be afraid that one action could change the course of my life or would I be excited to have that opportunity?
I think that’s why I love shows like Being Erica so much as the main character gets the opportunity to go back and ‘fix’ things with the knowledge she’s learned and apply it to the mistakes of her past.

What Door Would You Choose

Mistakes and challenges that you’ve faced help shape you into the person you are, but that nagging voice in your head often says, ‘What if?’ If you had the power, wouldn’t you really grab it? At least to one situation where you would like to come out ahead, have the bad guys lose or change your life for the better, I know I would!
So time machine, ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ I’m ready for things to get a little ‘heated!’

Friday, January 28, 2011

Are We Only Mere Players?

Shakespeare said it best with “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances.” But I’m challenging that, can that really be all that life amounts to, is that really it? How much of life is by chance vs. predestined?
Are we all just acting as if awaiting that next part, choosing instead to let life pass us by without a fight? Too many times I’ve heard people coming to the end of their life with a list of regrets mostly being "I wish I had" or "If I could go back, I would."

Let’s not wait until retirement, the lottery win, marrying the prince that would sweep you away from everything, but instead stand on our own two feet and demand that we’re going to go after what we want.
Life is full of possibilities; the problem is that we’re afraid of the unknown. It's safer to walk the line and not deviate into the winding path, not knowing what’s at the end and having to face the fear that you might just fail.
In the game of Life move yourself around the board, to shake things up; you’ll never know where you'll land. It’s up to you to decide if you want to get in the game as a player or merely as a pawn!

Don't Be Trapped, Move Ahead!
Pictures WikiMedia Commons

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Brimming Bucket List

My Bucket List
The pail is getting full! The longer you live the shorter the list should be getting but instead I find the contrary to be true as the more places that I've traveled to, the interactions with interesting people and the strange and exciting experiences I've had, the more lengthy my list gets!
So, I decided to write down my new bucket list. Shortening some of the places that I want to travel to and experiences I want to have some day so that it’s not like that greedy kid’s list at Christmas time but instead full of ones that I would like to one day accomplish.
Here Goes Nothing!
1)      Travel to every continent and country at least once!
2)      Run a full marathon. I’m running a half marathon in March but shooting for the whole enchilada some day!

3)      Hot Air balloon ride-I’ve been skydiving but I want to try the balloon on for size

4)      Own a house, apartment, or even a dog some day. This renting thing is for the birds!

5)      Have a book/song published

Wikimedia Commons
6)      Hang Glide

7)      Fly a plane

8)   Take a leap of faith, find that special someone and have something lasting. Not necessarily marriage but commitment.

9)   Have enough money one day that I could make my parent’s never have to worry about finances again

10)   Be Healthy, Happy and Embrace Life as long as I live.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roadrunner Beep Beep!

In the last few years I’ve really ramped up my workouts and decided that for a new year’s resolution, I wanted to eventually run a marathon. So although I already do lengthy elliptical workouts it’s back for some hardcore treadmill time.

The only way that I decided that I could stick to my resolution was to sign up for a half marathon. To my surprise I already received word that I’m part of the Habitat for Humanity NYC half marathon team When I jump, I dive in, with a splash! So on March 20th I get ready to start my engines.

That expression, I’m every woman is ‘running’ through my head. Now for the butt kicking at the gym to intensify! The crazy part of this whole thing besides the sore legs, the night before the Big Race I'll just have returned home from St. Lucia! What the 'beep beep' was I thinking? 

Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

‘Born to Run’

Yes, Springsteen ‘sang’ it best, but have you ever felt that you keep running around knowing what you’re after but in search of it, you whirl around until you're dizzy and then with despair realize you’re standing  exactly in the same spot you started?
Life is such a strange epidemic, we keep telling yourselves if we only had more time, money, kids, love, adventure, security…fill in the blank, we would be happy. Instead if we just took a few minutes to examine what we have in front of us, we might realize how much we have rather than not!
It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘I Want’ factor; I am guilty of this myself but in realizing what we have is the true testament to our lives. Those who have children and husbands, have family always around them, those who are single, have time to go out and strive for new possibilities, those with money, give some away, if you don’t want it, those who don’t, find someone who does (just kidding) and those who crave more time, examine your life and cut out the crap that binds you down. Only keep in your life what is important and let the rest drift away!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bid Farewell to Fair-Weather Friends

As we usher in 2011, besides making those fair-weather resolutions let’s make a real one to get rid of those fair-weather friendships.

Too many times we allow "well-meaning" individuals to cause us unnecessary heartache or frustration when the ones we really need to concentrate on are those forever friends who make us feel good about ourselves. Bid a fond or fierce farewell to those who hinder your happiness.

The true test of a friend is that after spending time together you walk away feeling good about yourself and look forward to the next time. Now, I'm not being harsh, everyone has times of turmoil in which you need to rely on your friend to be a sounding board but overall a friendship should be friendly rather than toxic.

Make 2011 a year where you'll be true to yourself, kick those killer friendships to the curb and keep those forever friends close!

Images from Wikimedia