Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roadrunner Beep Beep!

In the last few years I’ve really ramped up my workouts and decided that for a new year’s resolution, I wanted to eventually run a marathon. So although I already do lengthy elliptical workouts it’s back for some hardcore treadmill time.

The only way that I decided that I could stick to my resolution was to sign up for a half marathon. To my surprise I already received word that I’m part of the Habitat for Humanity NYC half marathon team When I jump, I dive in, with a splash! So on March 20th I get ready to start my engines.

That expression, I’m every woman is ‘running’ through my head. Now for the butt kicking at the gym to intensify! The crazy part of this whole thing besides the sore legs, the night before the Big Race I'll just have returned home from St. Lucia! What the 'beep beep' was I thinking? 

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