Monday, January 24, 2011

My Brimming Bucket List

My Bucket List
The pail is getting full! The longer you live the shorter the list should be getting but instead I find the contrary to be true as the more places that I've traveled to, the interactions with interesting people and the strange and exciting experiences I've had, the more lengthy my list gets!
So, I decided to write down my new bucket list. Shortening some of the places that I want to travel to and experiences I want to have some day so that it’s not like that greedy kid’s list at Christmas time but instead full of ones that I would like to one day accomplish.
Here Goes Nothing!
1)      Travel to every continent and country at least once!
2)      Run a full marathon. I’m running a half marathon in March but shooting for the whole enchilada some day!

3)      Hot Air balloon ride-I’ve been skydiving but I want to try the balloon on for size

4)      Own a house, apartment, or even a dog some day. This renting thing is for the birds!

5)      Have a book/song published

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6)      Hang Glide

7)      Fly a plane

8)   Take a leap of faith, find that special someone and have something lasting. Not necessarily marriage but commitment.

9)   Have enough money one day that I could make my parent’s never have to worry about finances again

10)   Be Healthy, Happy and Embrace Life as long as I live.

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