Wednesday, January 5, 2011

‘Born to Run’

Yes, Springsteen ‘sang’ it best, but have you ever felt that you keep running around knowing what you’re after but in search of it, you whirl around until you're dizzy and then with despair realize you’re standing  exactly in the same spot you started?
Life is such a strange epidemic, we keep telling yourselves if we only had more time, money, kids, love, adventure, security…fill in the blank, we would be happy. Instead if we just took a few minutes to examine what we have in front of us, we might realize how much we have rather than not!
It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘I Want’ factor; I am guilty of this myself but in realizing what we have is the true testament to our lives. Those who have children and husbands, have family always around them, those who are single, have time to go out and strive for new possibilities, those with money, give some away, if you don’t want it, those who don’t, find someone who does (just kidding) and those who crave more time, examine your life and cut out the crap that binds you down. Only keep in your life what is important and let the rest drift away!

Pictures from Wikimedia Commons

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