Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bid Farewell to Fair-Weather Friends

As we usher in 2011, besides making those fair-weather resolutions let’s make a real one to get rid of those fair-weather friendships.

Too many times we allow "well-meaning" individuals to cause us unnecessary heartache or frustration when the ones we really need to concentrate on are those forever friends who make us feel good about ourselves. Bid a fond or fierce farewell to those who hinder your happiness.

The true test of a friend is that after spending time together you walk away feeling good about yourself and look forward to the next time. Now, I'm not being harsh, everyone has times of turmoil in which you need to rely on your friend to be a sounding board but overall a friendship should be friendly rather than toxic.

Make 2011 a year where you'll be true to yourself, kick those killer friendships to the curb and keep those forever friends close!

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