Thursday, December 9, 2010

Far From Home—Big Apple Baby!

During this time of year everyone takes a moment to reflect on their past and the future. By standing at life’s preverbal bridge it requires reflection on the decisions that have impacted your life. What might have or what will happen in the future is anyone guess but the excitement I find in life is that anything can happen if you take a leap of faith!
Looking back, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I moved to New York City and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s hard to be away from friends and family but the course life has taken since then has been such a drastic change that it’s comical to consider how my life would have been had I not gone.
Confidence is born when you have to strike out on your own, perilously walking along that tightrope, without having a safety net in case you falter while cautiously putting one foot ahead of the other, not knowing if you can make it but having the endurance to keep on going.
Adventure is the spice of life and without its addition; it can prove bland or tasteless. Why be safe or cookie cutter as you only live once so what if you get a little burnt along the way, it just adds to the flavor!  

New York City at Night-Pictures from Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

‘Happy Talk---Talk About the Things You Like to Do?’ From your own Little Miss Chatterbox

Do you remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s books? Some of the characters from the show and books were Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Grumble, Little Miss Naughty, and Mr. Perfect.
I always loved the cartoon characters and the zany way they were portrayed. Everyone had a distinct personality and the neighbors knew how to curtail their involvement and side-step situations. Maybe we could take a ‘page’ from the past!
Images from Wikimedia Commons

Has this been engrained in our psyche since we were little children that our personality is one-note? What about having a card that we can hang around our neck depending on our moods? Black dot, stay away, yellow, come near but cautiously, green, jealously rearing its prideful head or blue, sad and I need a hug.
We have to wear nametags why not mood icons, wouldn’t that be more effective?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Things to make you go hmm? Game of Life

Game of Life-WikiMedia

How do you know if a decision is the right one for you? By straddling that line between what’s to come and what’s familiar, you’re teetering on both levels trying to figure out what’s the best jumping off point.
Everyone always says you can go home again, but what if you change home? By altering your home base, you’re either stepping up to the plate hoping for a homerun or ducking the three strikes ‘route.’
Right now I feel like a roulette wheel that’s still spinning in determination of what number will come up and where I’ll land.