Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are you coming home for Christmas

Home is Where the Heart is...

Are you coming home for Christmas

I haven't blogged for months so I made an early New Year's resolution to start again. So much has changed since I last wrote, some challenging and others unknown. The song 'I'm coming for Christmas' is especially meaningful this year. 

I'm grateful to being home with my friends and loved ones but I still feel the New York City pull. Can you ever truly come home again or are you in a state of limbo, waiting for your life to start?

While contemplating my next move, I'm cherishing the time with my mom and dad and can't believe a year ago we weren't speaking. How quickly time can slip by until we realize what's important. 

It's not the things we have but the people we love who make us who we are and when push comes to shove we can disregard possessions but not people. Hurricane Sandy taught us to hold our loved ones close and value the time we have with them.

I remember tossing aside things that I thought were so important to me and realizing they held little value. As I struggle to start my life over I ask that you keep in mind that it's not the stuff that matters but your loved ones. Don't fight over getting the perfect gift as in the long run what they will remember is the simple words 'I love you.'

Happy holidays!

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