Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye?

Saying Goodbye
A friend of mine just unexpectedly lost her father this morning; with no warning he was gone! Since she left, I’ve felt so shell shocked, in such disbelief that someone so young could pass.
I have a tempestuous relationship with a certain member of my family and although we love each other have a hard time communicating. Some say that we’re too much alike especially in our temperaments. Hey, I’m an Aries after all! ;)
But in all seriousness, just thinking that I’ve never made things completely right with him terrifies me. If something God forbid was to happen would I be able to look back and say that I had done everything in my power to change things? I'm saddened to think I haven't but figuring out how to is another matter.
Life is fleeting; we don’t know how much time we have and once it’s gone, we can never get it back.

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