Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 33 Slippery Slope

Lemony Snicket got it ‘write’ when he called his novella the Slippery Slope as that’s sometimes how I feel when I'm getting ready to plunge into my next adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to slide but at the same time when you’re perched on top of that jagged point there's a brief moment of hesitation as the tiniest step will suddenly have you spiraling & sliding without control.
Things in life change so quickly. Do you stick with the plans you set in motion or do you re-address since circumstances have changed? Looking ahead and behind can both mean saying goodbye and am I ready? That slippery slope continues to confront my reply.
Life is funny as making the decision should be the hardest part when in actuality sticking to it, I find even more difficult. I keep pushing against a glass wall that’s taking a long time to shatter; waiting for months to break through is the hardest part. What to do when you’re ready to leap but circumstances require you to stay and
It’s a game of
until then! I know my choice, now I just need to wait to make it happen so I don’t make it a ‘Series of Unfortunate Events!  

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