Monday, April 11, 2011

The Alarm Tolls and I Answer Its Shrill Call


I woke up this morning with such a sudden sense of clarity (not due to the fact my alarm clock didn’t go off, that had me making a mad dash to work) but instead a rush that put everything into perspective.
Almost like a puzzle, all the pieces that were once unable to fit were doing so with such ease. I wondered why I had been trying to jam them into spaces that didn’t belong for such a long time.
Sometimes a friend needs to confront you with the truth and just say plainly, "what do you want and that you have a fine line where that window is cracked open just long enough that you can see your dream and it’s able to be pushed open to make it a reality."
Once that proverbial window closes, a dreamer is locked out of that possibility and might spend the rest of their life wondering how to shatter its unbreakable glass. It’s funny how the window is also see-through and reflects what you really want. The question becomes, do you make the vision, actuality?
I’ve spent a long time wondering how to make my dream come true and I now know the answer is just to believe in yourself. Whatever obstacle you face, if you confront it and work hard, anything is possible!

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