Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Forward, Back and then Half Circle the Other Way…

It’s funny that when you decide to make a decision that life likes to pull the carpet out from under you as if to say ‘who do you think is in control?’ As many know I’ve been applying for my British passport and the waiting game that has been underway since March has been driving me crazy.
Finally I decide to just let the process take it’s time, to put it far from my mind until it’s completed. This week curiosity got the best of me, patience is a virtue that I do not possess and while I was busy making other plans, found out the passport should be processed by the end of the month.
All the plans that I’ve made in the interim are now up the air. Furthermore I received an email about an opportunity stateside that has me questioning what path I need to take. I’ve come to the crossroads before and veered left and have always wondered what if, now that the same opportunity has presented itself again do I venture right or continue on my course?
The Road to take, I haven't decided yet?

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  1. I know Frost says the Road Taken makes all the difference but deciding what path to take, that I haven't decided yet!