Friday, August 5, 2011

My Suitcase gets more use than my apartment does: Travel on…

Bradbury said it best with ‘Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness’ and I love to get lost, well purposely in any place that I visit. Sticking to the tourist trappings, you don't get a chance to really see the setting. It’s often when you venture off the beaten path that you come across something special.
Many of my trips have take me for the first day to the landmark locations but soon after I’m questioning locals on where their favorites places are to eat, visit or are the not-to-miss-attractions of their city or village. The locals have yet to steer me wrong so when I visit, I’ll be questioning. So that’s a warning to any of you, if you’re in a place I haven’t visited yet. Look out!
Once again I've booked another trip, departing in mid September. I’ve been itching to go overseas and within an hour yesterday, booked, got the time off approved and paid my security deposit to go to Amsterdam, Paris and Bruges. Three locations that I haven’t been to yet, so I just ‘had’ to go!
It’s funny with venturing out to Long Island this weekend I started realizing that my suitcase or carry-on bag is used more than my apartment. I love getting out and enjoying all that life has to offer and don’t want to be trapped in by four walls. Why not voyage into where the world takes you, just make sure to have your passport in hand!

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