Monday, April 11, 2011

The Alarm Tolls and I Answer Its Shrill Call


I woke up this morning with such a sudden sense of clarity (not due to the fact my alarm clock didn’t go off, that had me making a mad dash to work) but instead a rush that put everything into perspective.
Almost like a puzzle, all the pieces that were once unable to fit were doing so with such ease. I wondered why I had been trying to jam them into spaces that didn’t belong for such a long time.
Sometimes a friend needs to confront you with the truth and just say plainly, "what do you want and that you have a fine line where that window is cracked open just long enough that you can see your dream and it’s able to be pushed open to make it a reality."
Once that proverbial window closes, a dreamer is locked out of that possibility and might spend the rest of their life wondering how to shatter its unbreakable glass. It’s funny how the window is also see-through and reflects what you really want. The question becomes, do you make the vision, actuality?
I’ve spent a long time wondering how to make my dream come true and I now know the answer is just to believe in yourself. Whatever obstacle you face, if you confront it and work hard, anything is possible!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Family Fascination: Trying to Climb the Family Tree

I’ve always had an interest in family history as knowing your roots gives you a deeper understanding of yourself but with shows like ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and the easy accessibility of records on, I’ve been seeking the tree tops.

I’m trying to understand my fascination with a family that I will never meet and now has become such an importance in my life. Greeting names, stations and unique situations, I find as the page turns, it’s better than any mystery book I’ve read. This time, the ending is me but what’s before is anyone’s guess.
The more I thumb through history the more my curiosity grows. I’m so intrigued about what can be unturned that I get frustrated when I can’t get past a certain ancestor and my family can’t understand my passion for this research.
Calling them on my progress, I know their feigning interest but in reality, I know they don’t care. Bless their hearts, they listen to me prattle on. Good thing too as I never shut up!
It’s time to confront the past with the present and like the current theatrical production, ‘Anything Goes!’