Friday, November 12, 2010

Dang it, I don’t need a walker or a cane, but wow what toys kids are playing with these days!

Santa's Going Hi-Tech

As Christmas is barreling full steam ahead parents are left quaking in their boots under the pressure of the large assortment of toys and games their children are requesting this year. Looking back at all the holiday hoopla full of shopping sprees, schemes and screams, I’m having a touch of melancholy filled with magic memories of my childhood. It wasn't so long ago, but my how times have changed in my thirty-two years.
I remember dreaming of a bike, and an Easy Bake Oven (still upset that I never got, maybe that’s why I don’t cook to this day) and there was always just one large present under the tree. Stocking fillers, warm clothes and family memories made up the rest of the Christmas festivities.
Today, and I have to be careful, I might be showing my age, it’s seems more commercial than social. More of what we can get rather than the time we can spend with family and friends. Looking back at the movies and laughing at the kid sitting on Santa’s lap forever listing the toys that he wants for Christmas is now more of a reality than a remedy and with the toy's prices continue their climb each year, parents are paying through the roof to satisfy the ‘I Want’ Factor.
Sometimes I wonder that even though technology has taken us places long beyond our dreams are we losing touch with what really matters? Or, is my age just showing?
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