Friday, November 19, 2010

Get 'Behind' the Idea!

Get Behind the Idea-WikiMedia Commons

When walking, ok, running, of course late to work today, I came across a sign that caused me to stop suddenly in my tracks! Stooping down to read, to my disbelief it said ‘girl’s like boys that are boys.’

Has it really come down to having to mention this publicly, isn't it obvious to all the single ladies out there?

Wait a minute; this is New York City after all so maybe we need to add clarification to the signage.

1)    Girls like boys that act like little boys?--Dated too many of them---Next!

2)    Girls like boys that look like boys?---------Good, unless you're dating metro---Moving on...

3)    Girls like to go out with boys that have less heels in their closest that they do?-Again, back to number 2!

4)    Girls like boys that have a perpetual Peter Pan syndrome?----Déjà Vu-#1 again!
I Won't Grow Up!
5)    Forgo all the fore-mentioned- a NYC gal likes her gay best friend!

Good shopper, style and substance-Sorry, straight guys, you don't stand a chance!

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