Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Meltdown with London Looming

Slowly the Path train travels down the track while the minute hand on my watch rapidly races along. Completing the inevitable trek to New York City on time on a Monday morning is alas not going to happen!

However today is different, while suppressing the desire to cough, climb back into bed and throw that warm comforter over my head, I decided to ready myself for a long Monday morning. 

Consuming a large cup of caffeinated coffee, checking on the latest New York City and theatre news, that morning jolt finally kicks in.  
Opening up Outlook and seeing 300+ messages, the coffee bean's clarity starts to get a bit hazy but then I came across an email regarding my upcoming trip and realized that the countdown is on!

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It’s always fun to have the next trip on the horizon as it gives you motivation to keep working and saving, so that you can spend it!
Looking over the London itinerary I can’t wait to see the UK once again in person. I haven’t been there since I was a child and this Thanksgiving I can give thanks to be fortunate enough to have one of my dreams come true and see where it leads me.
Right now, I’m ‘traveling’ that preverbal line slowly taking steps to determine where my next footing will be. I don’t mind taking a bend in the road, but I want it to be a tangent leaning towards an adventure  and not just a bypass.

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