Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look Before You Leap

New York City Night-Wikimedia Commons
Last night on my way into the city, I jumped on one of the jitney vans that run along JFK Blvd. and also directly into New York City.
In my haste to get back in to see a show, when a bus approached, I didn’t pay attention to which one it was, but I thought it said Gate 52, which meant New York City instead of a local.
So I sat back, opened up my novel and stated to read. All of a sudden I heard this passenger say Manhattan and the bus driver say, “No, No, but I take you to a spot where you can get to Manhattan."
With horror, I looked down at my watch and it showed only twenty minutes until I had to be in and I was on the wrong bus!!!
When it slowed down to make a scheduled stop, I ran up to the front of the bus a little bit flustered and said, “This isn’t going to New York, where do I have to go to catch the right bus?”
Everyone on the bus started reassuring me that I was on the right bus, the man in front of me had wanted to get off at Manhattan Avenue in Jersey and the bus didn’t stop there. Boy was my face red, well, redder than usual!

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